Tuesday, July 13, 2010



By analysis we came to know that mobile phone have both positive and negative aspect. We cannot live without its help. We need them in each and every step so that we can perform our work smoothly and efficiently. Like, with the help of mobile phone we can also call whoever we wish and ask about last minute things. We may take pictures at anytime in case we don’t have a digital camera. We have the ability to communicate instantly in an emergency. If we have a good plan, we don’t need a home phone. Cell phones are good to carry if you break down somewhere. New phones have calendars, and planners and alarms so you can get rid of all three.

Having mobile phone it can cause many problems. One in particular, they need to be charged almost every day in order to work so it won’t run out of batteries. Mobile phones save our time but we should try to use the mobile in good things only not in bad one. But today the mobile phone has been used in unnecessary work also and has been over utilized. It is one technology which has enhanced our lifestyle not overcome us. We should take benefits of several innovations of this technology in this globalized world. Mobile phone in a way is very demanding and is getting its place in the market regularly no matter it changes its features, price and others.

In conclusion mobile phones are easily acceptable new trend and it plays a vital role for every individuals.

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